Dejana Enbashi

children’s book author

Dejana Enbashi is a published children’s book author, linguist and early childhood educator with a passion for languages and the role that reading plays in learning.

She has travelled the world, lived on three different continents, immersed herself in rich cultures, and learned to speak 6 languages.

Dejana’s first published book, Children’s Picture Dictionary, has enjoyed success as a fun and educational tool for parents and schools since its publication in 2018. She has also co-authored the children’s fiction book, Baryonyx – My Dinosaur Friend, with illustrator Charles Hacker.

Dejana has made it her lifelong pursuit to spread her love of language, foster learning, and support the openness of young minds by creating fun and engaging books written through the lens of how children experience the world. Books are her gateway to presenting new experiences, new languages, and fostering a sense of confidence and respect through literature and activities.

When not writing, teaching, or travelling the world, Dejana enjoys experiencing the outdoors and activities, particularly horseback riding and practicing and performing Irish step dance.

Dejana Enbashi


Children’s Picture Dictionary

With Interactive Poems and Worksheets


My Dinosaur Friend